Update your Microsoft Office 2013 Skills

Build your Microsoft Office 2013 skills, enrol in the unit BSBITU303 Design and produce text documents and learn the skills and knowledge required to design and develop text-based documents using advanced features of this word processing software.

This unit of study is designed for students that possess fundamental skills in computer operations and keyboarding, and basic skills in operation of word processing software.

Enrol in the unit BSBITU303 - Design and produce text documents

Update your Microsoft Office 2013 Skillls

You may want to improve your skills and knowledge to provide administrative support in an organisation or you may want to improve the production of your own word processed documents if you run your own business. You will learn the following skills to:

  • Prepare  and design word processed documents
  • add tables and other data
  • produce text documents

You will learn how to improve your productivity and make your documents sizzle by:

  • understanding the purpose, use and functions of word processing software more
  • using formatting styles to improve formatting, the readability and appearance of documents
  • illustrating a document with images and special effects
  • describe purpose and contents of an organisational style guide

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