Still use voice mail?

Is voice mail heading into the tech junk heap?

Do you use still use voice mail

By Tom Starner | January 28, 2016

Large employers – Coca-Cola and JPMorgan Chase among them – are cutting back on phone message-taking technology, according to an article at SHRM. The main drivers behind this trend are cost savings and increased productivity, SHRM reports. 

Another factor? Millennials are a growing consumer and workforce population, and they are not interested in leaving a message, one expert tells SHRM. For example, SHRM references a New York Times article from 2015 that said Vonage, an Internet phone call provider, began seeing a steep drop in people retrieving their voice mail messages between 2013 and 2014.

Coca-Cola dumped voice mail at Atlanta HQ this past December. Instead, callers are put on hold a few times and soon a a recorded message will tell them to call again later or to use “an alternative method” to reach someone.   Read more …..