International Marketing Fundamentals

Is your business considering extending the promotion of your products and services to international markets?  Australia’s Free Trade Agreements may unlock opportunities to grow your business in the future.

To ensure that international business activities are conducted effectively in an organisation or business area you may be considering studying BSB50815 Diploma of International Business.  as part of that Diploma the unit ‘BSBMKG513 Promote products and services to international markets’ covers planning, coordination and review of promotional activities in International Markets.

international marketing fundamentals

Promote products and services to international markets

Learn how to evaluate international markets and determine the best approaches for marketing your products and services overseas, as well as introducing strategies for adapting existing products and developing new ideas for foreign markets.

The course also investigates options for global expansion, such as exporting, licensing, joint ventures, and direct investment, and details how to put together a successful marketing mix using distribution, promotional methods, and translation. Plus, learn where to turn for more information about your specific target markets.

Topics covered may include:

  • The rise of the global consumer
  • Learning about customers in global markets
  • Accessing foreign markets
  • Adapting products
  • Diversification
  • Balancing risks and rewards

Successful completion of the unit BSBMKG513 Promote products and services to international markets will result in you:

  • planning, coordinating and reviewing promotional activities undertaken internationally
  • producing a report detailing activities and recommendations to inform and guide future promotional work

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