Marketing skills currently in-demand by employers

Marketing research in the US shows: 41% of ad/marketing execs say it’s challenging to find skilled talent. Today’s digitally-focused climate has led many marketing and advertising executives to seek different skills than in years past.

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Specialised skills required in marketing and advertising:

The most in-demand marketing specialties were content marketing, brand/product management, digital marketing and web Marketing resign/production.

“Many companies are adding to their bench of marketing talent, particularly within the digital space,” said Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group, in a recent statement.

In separate research conducted by Fractl and Moz, they mined over 75,000 job listings posted on during June 2015.  Findings showed that marketing skills are in fact in high demand — but hiring managers are struggling to find talent.

“Many believe this rapid rate of change has caused a marketing skills gap. This makes it difficult to find candidates with the technical, creative, and business proficiencies needed to succeed in digital marketing,” Kelsey Libert wrote in a blog post on the report.

In research conducted by The Creative Group, respondents say that the most in-demand speciality skills areas — web/design production, customer experience, brand/product management and content marketing — are also the most difficult to find.

David Kirkpatrick from Marketing Dive  provides more information and research links in this article

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