Choosing the right course to further your career is important

Choosing the right course to further your career, get a new job or as part of your professional development plans is important and YouStudy aims to support our students to make the right choices.  It may be that you do not want to complete a full qualification at this time, you may just want to study one or two units to gain new skills in a specific area such as customer service, finance, administration, information technology, course design, resources development, or elearning.  This Courses section of our website is designed to provide you with detailed information on each of our courses so you can explore your study options, get a full overview for each course, download a course brochure and enrol in your preferred qualification.


The course information provided includes a brief overview of each course, including an explanation of the job role or career development opportunities that each qualification offers to help you choose the right course for your future needs.   If you are not sure whether you have the required or recommended entry requirements for each qualification you will find information about the level of previous study, if required.   Other useful information provided is the recommended study or work experience pathways into each qualification and the opportunities that lead to further study pathway options on completion of your study.  Importantly, this course information will outline the employability skills you will learn during your study, including the non-technical skills and knowledge that are required by industry to gain employment in each sector.  This is a useful tool to choose the course that will provide you with the skills and knowledge to secure the job or promotion that you have been seeking.

YouStudy will provide you with 24 months of access to our Study Centre to support you to complete the qualification.  The course information will provide you with the recommended study requirements for each course including the total amount of units to be studied,  the core units that are compulsory for this course and the recommended elective units.   Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section provides information on the  recommended length of the course, how it will be delivered, your access to the YouStudy Centre, how you can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Credit Transfers  and more.

For more information, or to enrol in a course, view the Contact Us page to connect with us by phone, email or on the web.  You can talk to an industry expert to discuss your goals, share their experience and choose the course that is best suited to develop your skills and knowledge.

Contact a course advisor on 1-300-887-886