16 Billionaires Who Started Working From Home

Never give up pursuing your passion to lead!


 Article by Karsten Strauss (Forbes)

Waking up and heading to an office is so five years ago. As technology allows for greater opportunities for flextime and working remotely, the need for a traditional workday – and workplace – is beginning to evaporate for anyone whose job can be done online, as part of a communications network.

So too is the need for a spread of office space to get a business up and running—launching an enterprise from your desk or kitchen counter at home has never been easier. And those who protest that they simply can’t get down to business working from home in their pajamas should take a look at how successful some work-from-home entrepreneurs have been in recent years. 

Take Jan Koum and Brian Acton, for example. The two former Yahoo employees took a great idea they had when they were literally unemployed and turned it into billions. Their company, WhatsApp, allowed for a rich, free instant messaging experience that caught on with an international swath of users. The two were generating north of $20 million a year when they sold it to Facebook for $19 billion in 2014. Acton and Koum are estimated today to be worth $4.6 billion and $9.1 billion respectively. But when they started out, neither was working and both had job applications for jobs at Facebook rejected. Their work to develop WhatsApp was done largely in Acton’s kitchen and at internet cafes.  Read more  ….